External plugins

Django CMS QE is shipped with following extrnal plugins and apps.

Images and files

Project page

Plugin which provides inserting images, galleries and folder views into page.

You can use it simply by adding new plugin from section Filer and then choose what folder or image(s) to show. Note that Folder plugin have several options to display in Style drop-down list:

List:list of all files in folder
SlideShow:slideshow of images in selected folder
Gallery:gallery of images in adaptive grid format with modal windows to show descriptions and zoom images


Project page

Plugin and app which can help you to create any form you want. Collected data are stored in database and can be also emailed to configured address after every submission if needed.

You can use it simply by adding new plugin called Form from section Forms and then add any sub-plugins with form fields from section Form Fields.


Project page

Plugin to provide wysiwyg text editor for the users.

Note difference between CKEditor for admin users and for regular users. CKEditor is included in Django CMS and is used for editing texts on the page. Its config is in CKEDITOR_CONFIGS. This plugin is a plugin to show editor for the regular user and you can configure it in CKEDITOR_SETTINGS.

Bootstrap 4

Project page

Plugins of some Bootstrap components.

For the information about Bootstrap follow Bootstrap documentation.

Google Map

Project page

Plugin which provides inserting Google map with all possible configuration what Google supports with and any routes or markers.

You can use it simply by adding new plugin called Google Map from section Generic and then add any marker or route by adding sub-plugins if needed.