Source code for cms_qe_newsletter.external_services.sync

from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
from requests.exceptions import HTTPError

from . import mailchimp
from ..models import SERVICE_MAILCHIMP, SUBSCRIBE, UNSUBSCRIBE, Subscriber, SubscribeTask

    SERVICE_MAILCHIMP: mailchimp,

[docs]def sync_mailing_lists(): """ Download mailing lists from external services like Mailchimp. """ mailchimp.sync_mailing_lists()
[docs]def sync_tasks(): """ Processing tasks yielding same tuple as :py:func:`~.sync_task` function. """ tasks = SubscribeTask.objects.all() for task in tasks: try: result, message = sync_task(task) # pylint: disable=broad-except except Exception as exc: result, message = False, str(exc) finally: if result is False: task.failure(message) yield (result, '{}: {}'.format(task, message))
# pylint: disable=too-many-return-statements
[docs]def sync_task(task): """ Processing task returning tuple of status (``True`` for success, ``False`` for some failure and ``None`` for warnings) and message. """ if not task.should_process(): return None, 'Skipped' service = SERVICE_TO_MODULE.get(task.mailing_list.external_service) if not service: return False, 'Unsupported service {}'.format(task.mailing_list.external_service) try: if task.type == SUBSCRIBE: sync_subscribe(service, task) elif task.type == UNSUBSCRIBE: sync_unsubscribe(service, task) except HTTPError as exc: text = exc.response.text if 'fake or invalid' in text: Subscriber.objects.filter( task.delete() return None, 'Email is invalid or fake and is deleted\n{}'.format(text) return False, '{}\n{}'.format(text, exc) except ObjectDoesNotExist: task.delete() return None, 'Subscriber does not exist anymore, deleting task' # pylint: disable=broad-except except Exception as exc: return False, str(exc) else: task.delete() return True, 'OK'
def sync_subscribe(service, task): subscriber = Subscriber.objects.get(mailing_list=task.mailing_list, external_id = service.sync_subscribe( task.mailing_list.external_id,, task.first_name, task.last_name, ) subscriber.external_id = external_id def sync_unsubscribe(service, task): service.sync_unsubscribe( task.mailing_list.external_id,, )