Source code for cms_qe_table.templatetags.cms_qe_table_filters

from django.template import Library, TemplateDoesNotExist, loader

register = Library()

[docs]@register.filter def cms_qe_table_value(value: str) -> str: """ Django template filter to customize displaying of values by their type. If value is of type bool, then is used template ``cms_qe/table/table_value_bool.html``. Every boilerplate or concrete app can customize this. When no template exists for given value type standard value represenation is used. """ value_type = type(value).__name__ template_name = 'cms_qe/table/table_value_{}.html'.format(value_type) try: template = loader.get_template(template_name) except TemplateDoesNotExist: return value else: context = { 'value': value, } return template.render(context)